Moving With Pets

Written by Alanna Cooley in Moving Tips on Fri 02 December 2016.

Moving with pets is in most cases go smooth, but there are things that are good to keep in mind for your dog or cat to have the best conditions to thrive. Moving is a big change for most animals, how good it is depends on the animal's temperament. Especially cats are territorial loyalty and can become stressed by the changing environment.

Take a stroll outside

Moving from country to town is good to accustom the animal the new sounds for some time before the move. There are audio discs with city sounds to purchase, or record audio from the new environment. Extra tip:  You can bring your dog to the new environment several times before the move and create a nice moment. Maybe a nice walk in the neighborhood would do.

Cats are described to be sensitive and a chaotic move may lead to territorial urinating indoors. There are synthetic pheromones which can make cats and dogs calmer. They are available without prescription at animal clinics and pharmacies in the form of a diffuser. You can use it in your old home before the move, and during the first period in your new one.

Create security in the new environment

Once you're in place, it is important to let the animal explore the new home at their own pace. Arrange the space with toys, bed and food bowl to provide security. It can be tempting to buy new furnishings and new gadgets for your pets but, it is best to keep as much as possible of the old stuff to mke your pets feel more secure.


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Brilliant Tips For Moving With Kids

Written by Alanna Cooley in Moving Tips on Tue 15 November 2016.

Moving to a new home is exciting, but to help your child cope with such a major change can be tricky. So be sure to gently start the process to move along with a small infant or a preschooler.

In a move kids tend to focus on the feelings associated with the move, while the adults focus on logistics. Although children are very emotional in a move it is usually those who have it easiest to make new friends.


Before the move 

Before you are completely sure whether you're moving or you were going to move, it might be good to not say too much to the children. Just tell the kids what they need to know, so they do not get false expectations or become sad unnecessarily. Give them therefore not a lot of hopes for a larger room or a large garden. A business can always fall before the papers are signed and then it can be confusing and emotionally quite unnecessarily.

Therefore makes housing hunt as simple as possible. No matter how the search is done as it can be helpful to leave the children out during the first stage. Letting go of a small child, in and out of the car and then in and out of strange homes, can be a bad move. If it is possible to find a babysitter when it's time to check on the house or bring a friend who can take care of the baby while checking this accommodation. Following the children with the teachings so careful to point out that it is not certain that it will be the description that you choose.


Moving With Kids

Even if you are only planning or dreaming about moving so you probably know that a move with the child in this context is a whole different ball game than move alone or with friends. This milestone in life, however, go much smidare if you only have your children in mind at every step of the way, from looking around the house until you unload the truck and drive away. For who would not have been traumatic to be uppsliten from their familiar environment without being part of the decision, or even understand why it had to happen.  

Begin to talk to the children about a move well before it's time. Here is some information is better than no information. Paint is not some photos for the kids before you signed some papers, but only tell you to move, and you started looking for a new home. Honestly answer the children's questions and was receptive to both positive and negative reactions. Although the move is important for you adults, it is not certain that the child understands this, which can cause them to focus on the most terrifying and emotional aspects of a move. By allowing children to be involved in the process of finding a new home, a new school, so this can make the change seem less forced.



Tips for relocating with kids

Children younger than 6 years may be relatively easy to move, because they have a limited ability to understand the changes involved. Still, your guidance is crucial.

Here are some tips on how you can ease the transition when moving with small children:

  • Keep explanations clear and simple.
  • Use a story to explain the move with or use toy trucks and furniture to play it.
  • When you pack your child's toy boxes, be sure to explain that you do not throw them.
  • If your new home is nearby and available, go happily there to visit it before the move and take some toys with you on each visit.
  • Don't get rid of your child's old bedroom furniture, as these can provide a sense of security in the new house. It can also be a good idea to arrange furniture in a similar way in the new home.


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Tips for Boat Storage Before Winter

Written by Alanna Cooley in Storing Tips on Sun 11 September 2016.

Winter is a dreadful season especially for boat owners and it's a big concern to keep their boats in top condition to be used next year. Here are some great tips to properly store your boat:


Start Early

It's crucial to prepare for boat for storing before the first snow. Your boat will be vulnerable to damage especially during the first freeze. Make sure you have lots of time to make repairs aand maintenance to able to store your boat without any worries.


Clean Thoroughly

After you haul our oat out of the water, remove the drain plug and scrub away! You need to use fresh water to remove any salt build-up on the exterior which can eventually corrode your boat if not removed properly. Let your boat dry completely before putting it into storage.


Check the Engine

You need to check your boat's engine to make sure it's in top condition after removing it from your storage. Make sure you fill the gas tank and add a stabilizer to lessen condensation. You can also do and oil change and replace filters.


Last Minute Preparations

Once you have secured your boat in the storage unit, take your time in removing the drive belts. They can crack if they are  kept under tension in a long turn. Disconnect the battery and top it off with distilled water. Seal all exhaust ports to prevent pests from entering and remove fabric, if possible, to prevent mildew.


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