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Tips for Boat Storage Before Winter

Written by Alanna Cooley in Storing Tips on Sun 11 September 2016.

Winter is a dreadful season especially for boat owners and it's a big concern to keep their boats in top condition to be used next year. Here are some great tips to properly store your boat:


Start Early

It's crucial to prepare for boat for storing before the first snow. Your boat will be vulnerable to damage especially during the first freeze. Make sure you have lots of time to make repairs aand maintenance to able to store your boat without any worries.


Clean Thoroughly

After you haul our oat out of the water, remove the drain plug and scrub away! You need to use fresh water to remove any salt build-up on the exterior which can eventually corrode your boat if not removed properly. Let your boat dry completely before putting it into storage.


Check the Engine

You need to check your boat's engine to make sure it's in top condition after removing it from your storage. Make sure you fill the gas tank and add a stabilizer to lessen condensation. You can also do and oil change and replace filters.


Last Minute Preparations

Once you have secured your boat in the storage unit, take your time in removing the drive belts. They can crack if they are  kept under tension in a long turn. Disconnect the battery and top it off with distilled water. Seal all exhaust ports to prevent pests from entering and remove fabric, if possible, to prevent mildew.


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