Moving With Pets

Moving with pets is in most cases go smooth, but there are things that are good to keep in mind for your dog or cat to have the best conditions to thrive. Moving is a big change for most animals, how good it is depends on the animal's temperament. Especially cats are territorial loyalty and can become stressed by the changing environment.

Take a stroll outside

Moving from country to town is good to accustom the animal the new sounds for some time before the move. There are audio discs with city sounds to purchase, or record audio from the new environment. Extra tip:  You can bring your dog to the new environment several times before the move and create a nice moment. Maybe a nice walk in the neighborhood would do.

Cats are described to be sensitive and a chaotic move may lead to territorial urinating indoors. There are synthetic pheromones which can make cats and dogs calmer. They are available without prescription at animal clinics and pharmacies in the form of a diffuser. You can use it in your old home before the move, and during the first period in your new one.

Create security in the new environment

Once you're in place, it is important to let the animal explore the new home at their own pace. Arrange the space with toys, bed and food bowl to provide security. It can be tempting to buy new furnishings and new gadgets for your pets but, it is best to keep as much as possible of the old stuff to mke your pets feel more secure.


Written by Alanna Cooley in Moving Tips on Fri 02 December 2016.